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Ice Ball Molds Are Not Worth It

An ice ball in a pristine glass

Ice ball presses are not the only way to obtain a spherical ice ball.

Several companies have created plastic or rubber molds that are filled with water then placed in the freezer.

Like with any ice tray, you wait a few hours before taking the mold out and popping out your new ice spheres.

That simple! Right?

Well, there's more to it than most people think.

Ice Integrity

Cheap ice balls break apart and dilute drinks quickly

One of the main uses of the ice sphere is its high surface area to body ratio.

This allows it to be the perfect shape that results in the least amount of dilution possible.

Both ice presses and ice molds make a sphere, so where does the difference in dilution come in?

Ice spheres crafted by ice presses have a much higher integrity than those by ice molds.

High integrity means less impurities and cracks that lead to the ice sphere breaking up early, therefore defeating the visual appeal and the functionality of the ice sphere.


Plastic ice ball molds

Now, why do we care about drink dilution in the first place?

When we obtain one of our favorite bottles of whiskey or scotch, a masterpiece that has been crafted over the course of 20+ years, we want to preserve its taste.

Ice spheres reduce the influence that water has on our experience while still cooling it down in an elegant fashion.

The downside of using ice molds that were made with cheap plastic or silicone overseas is that the materials find their way into your favorite drink, tainting it with the taste of plastic.

An ice press, on the other hand, is made of aluminum that leaves no residue on the ice balls that it produces.

We can't speak for other manufacturers, however the Glacious Ice Press is double-washed and made in the USA, ensuring premium quality of both the product and the ice it crafts.

Our Recommendation

An ice ball press in your home bar

When it comes down to it, you are going to want an ice press that is refined, functional, and does it at a price that makes sense.

This is the thinking that went behind the Glacious Ice Press. Create something that the home user can access and display.

The Glacious Ice Press creates flawless ice spheres, yet it still manages to keep its price below $200.

Let us know how you make your ice spheres!