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What Makes Ice Balls So Different?

An ice ball in the making

Ice comes in all forms: cubed, crushed, and in a variety of funny shapes and sizes. Since the 1800s, people have been using ice to chill beverages, greatly enhancing their experience with drinks.

In the midst of this, a new variety of ice is surfacing that is based on science and efficiency: ice spheres. The ice ball has been introduced as a way to enjoy drinks without risking the main drawback about conventional ice, that being watered-down drinks.

Geometrically, a sphere has the lowest surface area than any other shape. This way, the least amount of ice is in contact with your drink.

So where does this spherical ice fit in? Bars and liquor enthusiasts were the first to enter this simple yet effective innovation. When working with whiskey or bourbon, ensuring that the taste is preserved is essential given the ratio of liquid to ice.

Those taking it a step further use an ice press, taking a molded square block of ice and pressing it into a sphere, eliminating the problem of having silicone residue on their ice. Ice presses also make a fantastic addition to bars and counter tops due to their luxurious design.

Have you ever had a whiskey ice ball? Check if your local bar has an ice ball press, or you can pick up your own, such as the Glacious Ice Press.