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About Us

Bevratech was founded in July 2014 as part of the Hackerhouse, a startup incubator located in Downtown Gainesville, Florida.

We provide our customers with the most unique and high-end drinking experience available. Selling internationally and all across the US, Bevratech has developed relationships with high end clients including Walt Disney World, the W hotel, and Touch of Modern.

Our Story So Far

One night Paul was drinking an Old Fashioned at a nice bar in Gainesville, FL with his mentor from Hackerhouse. His mentor asked the bartender for an ice sphere and to his amazement the bartender whipped out a copper ice sphere press.  From this point on all Paul could think about was that dang ice sphere maker. He went and did his research. Turns out that it wasn't actually made from copper, it was just anodized aluminum that looked like copper. Copper really would have justified the nearly $1,100 price tag. "Surely I can make this cheaper", Paul thought.  Well, he did just that and was able to create one with a $450 price tag.  

Paul bootstrapped the production of the Glacious 60mm Ice Sphere Maker. After creating a 3D printed mockup and producing a prototype, he lugged it to bars all around Florida. After getting a few sales and valuable feedback about drainage issues and ball sizes, Paul founded Bevratech. 


When it comes to ice spheres, size does matter. The original prototype produced a 2.75" (70mm) sphere which was less accommodating to barware than the 60mm size. The product was redesigned and subsequently featured on the popular flash sales website Touch of Modern. 

Paul was inspired by his desire to create and consume the perfect drink. Despite all that drinking he managed to graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in Chemical Engineering Cum Laude. Using his knowledge of heat transfer and thermal material properties he created Bevratech's first product, the Glacious Ice Sphere Maker. 

Our second product, Glacious LE is the first affordable ice sphere press. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter on December 2014.